April 04, 2010 :: After a drunkin' stupor the "admin" pulled his statement, and replaced the following statement (below) with this:

Bring The Salmon Savage Head Back!!! Rod (Kel), it doesn't matter on how much you try to humiliate me on your little website or how much you try to stop us because I have taken back what i said and this page and these people will keep fighting to the last until someone actually stops us and i doubt it will be you.

We were the Savages, We are the Savages, and we will always be the Savages!
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Bring The Salmon Savage Head Back!!!

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We fought hard but it doesn't mean can't keep on fighting! SAVAGE HEAD! ONE HEADDRESS AT A TIME! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Salmon-ID/Bring-The-Salmon-Savage-Head-Back/166773728113?ref=mf

Bring The Salmon Savage Head Back!!!

This will be the last discussion on this board and the last interaction of this page. All you people who think you're all bada** by saying that we are never getting our logo back, well, it looks like you f****** won. Are you f****** happy?

It's people like you that destroy the faith of a town, a school, and the people. You are pretty much doing what the "white people" did to you. You are restricting our say in what we want to be, in what we want to be called, and what right we reserve. We can't own a f****** logo because one b***** women said we can't have it?

That is f****** bulls***! And the logo you gave us, well, you can stick that in your peace pipe and smoke it in what little peace you still have.

You've destroyed our faith, our right, and our hearts and if that is how you want to play, like the white people did to you, then fine! Sink to their level and keep giving us s*** for what is right and is wrong.

And be the cowards you are. But it doesn't matter how far you sink, how much you knock us down, how hard you try to stop us because we will always fight to the last like a real savage would for his tribe, family, and for his pride.

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Sacajawea Shoshoni

Salmon, Idaho - "Bring The Salmon Savage Head Back!!!" comments from the facebook forum.

Terresa Decker Kane Hey all check out this website. http://lemhi-shoshone.com/salmon_savages_mascot.html All comments under the Discussions tab are being cut copied & pasted on this website. Is this legal or is it plagiarism? I know I did not give them my permission to post my comments on their website and I want my name & comment removed. (Good luck, this is a non-profit, educational site :)

Kim Shankle I say if people have a problem with our Savage Pride and come to Salmon we tell them this "Welcome to Salmon! Get your s*** and get out!!!"

Robert Matthew Armstrong (Salmon High School) -The savage head has been the logo since my great granma went to school here. i think we should keep the name and fight for the savage head back

Holly Boyce Smith - Let's fight for it! After all we are the Savages, not the freakin' Eagles! We need our original mascot back, if it offends you move somewhere else or don't look at it! Or just go away, don't go away mad just go away!

Mary Jane Gerow - Schennum Keep the Savages mascot and fight for it. I am with Dennis

Terresa Decker Kane - http://www.lemhi-shoshone.com/salmon_savages_mascot.html Unfreakin belivable! Jeez this is just a high school. The name Salmon Savages was never meant to be about racism. It was meant to take our teams seriously. If your worried about racism go after the Washington Redskins. They could afford a legal battle. Anyone is ...welcome to move to Lemhi county including the Lemhi-Shoshones. Do like everyone else and buy, rent, & get a job.

John Darrah (United States Air Force) - I remember when I was going to school they were trying to change the name to the Salmon Steelhead! Looks like they didnt get any Yah's on that one...Just my two cents, but they need to bring back the Savage head. It gave us as students and as athletes pride to be a Salmon Savage!

April Shepley - If the Washington Redskins can have their name we should certainly be able to have the savage head. Salmon should fight to keep the savage head. The best part of Salmon is that we have always stood up for our selves and not worried about being PC. Fight Fight Fight

Robert Matthew Armstrong (Salmon High School) - i think we should just go back to the way it was...when we were the salmon savages and we were proud to be savages. who cares what any one thinks? it's not their town. we should stand up for ourselves, and not be pushed around. if need-be, we'll take it to court. we need to stand up for ourselves tho